Question Time!

The new college term is coming upon me, and I have not decided which college to attend - Yeovil or Strode? I am going to list the pros and cons, and will greatly appreciate any advice :D

OK. Yeovil College:


- It’s nearby

- I have good friends on my course - Kate, Ellie and George - and would be great to be with them everyday. 

- The teachers seem really nice and funny

- I get Monday mornings off and Fridays too

- They’re organising a trip to Barcelona

- They provide all the materials (well, we do pay a fee to start with I spose).


- I cannot attend this trip because of my phobia of flying, and apparently the whole of the second project is based on the trip, and they want me to try and travel on my own there by train or coach (but my parents won’t allow it)

- The Leonardo building smells funny, and it’s too white and clinical.

- Most of the art is not to my taste. But I don’t know if that’s down to the individual student or if they encourage you to work like that.

- Yeovil college reminds me of school, I find it kind of scabby and chavy.

Now onto Strode:


- It doesn’t smell weird. Much.

- the buildings are nice, clean, and the atmosphere is nicer: The art section isn’t ‘clinical’ and more cosy. (I like cosy).

- The style of art and teaching style is much more to my taste, and I think I may produce better work.

- The teacher’s seem nice again.

- They’re organising a trip to Paris, via Eurostar (yay no planes)


- I don’t know ANYONE on the course. Most people will already be friends, and I have the social skills of a squirrel. Therefore, loneliness.

- Therefore I may not go on the trip, because I might not make friends in time, so wouldn’t fancy spending a week in Paris with no one to share a room with etc.

- It takes nearly an hour to get there by bus.

- I don’t know if I’ll get any full days off. lol :P

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